Grant Writing

Not only can I help you organise, research and write grant applications, but importantly, I will critique your work as an intelligent, non-specialist (which is what reviewers will be in many cases).


Nothing hinders credibility or turns people off reading more than simple and careless errors throughout a document. Yet, it can be very difficult to proofread your own work when you are so close to it.

Science Communication

I have extensive experience in presenting science to a range of audiences, from children to interdisciplinary researchers, through a range of media, including television, radio, public lectures and educational scripts.

Readability is as important for the scientific writer as it is for the novelist.

DO Hebb and Dalbir Bindra, ‘Scientific Writing and the General Problem of Communication’, American Psychologist (1952), 7(10), 569-573.

There is nothing so exciting or important as scientific discovery, and nothing more satisfying than being able to share your discoveries with the world.

The most crucial factor in getting your message out is the use of clear, appropriate and engaging communication.

Whether you are short on time, or just can’t seem to find the right words, I can help you to communicate your ideas to any audience- from children to the media and peers to granting bodies.