Thoughts on recent shark incidents

I’ve had a few requests for interviews following the shark incident in Tasmania last Friday (17.07.20). Unfortunately, due to being unwell, I wasn’t able to accept any of the interviews. This was really frustrating, as I would have loved to have been able to reach out and talk to the community at this time. This […]

Sharks in the classroom!

I LOVE teaching kids about sharks. There are so many important lessons to be learned, and – learning aside – shark education can be SOOOO much fun! I have held interactive sessions on sharks with kids as young as 1, all the way up to 18 (and beyond). Early shark education is so important for […]


IT’S OUT! Ocean Animals: The Weirdest, Smartest and Sneakiest Sea Creatures My new book Ocean Animals has been released! The book is targeted at 9-12 year old’s, but I think it will be fun and engaging (and informative!) for anyone with a love or interest in the marine world. The book includes well-loved, familiar fan-favourite […]

Find your “Spirit Shark”

Sharks are different to us. Let’s face it, they are alien looking, and possess all sorts of “ick” factors. And because of this, we have trouble relating to them and finding reasons to love (and consequently conserve) them. Studies show that we prefer animals that we can relate to, and that we have things in […]

Sharks for kids!

Psychological studies suggest that we can essentially “immunise” people against developing easily acquired fears (such as of biological threats, like predators) by providing positive, or even neutral, experiences in early childhood (or at least before any potentially negative exposure occurs). Therefore, I’ve spent a great deal of time these school holidays talking to kids, ranging […]

Shark Editor-at-Large

I was recently appointed as the Shark Editor-at-Large for Australian Geographic. I am beyond excited! This position will allow me to write monthly articles for the AG digital edition on all of the amazing things about sharks. I’ll also continue to discuss shark-human interaction and bring some reality back to those conversations. Keep an eye […]