Project Management & Report Writing

I have worked extensively across research, industry and science communication. The breadth of my experience has enabled me to not only think critically, but also develop and ask illuminating questions. As such, I can provide significant benefit to organisational and research report writing, alike, by providing a highly advantageous ‘outsiders view’ that encourages deep thinking, bold conversations and a fresh angle.

I regularly communicate with audiences ranging from industry executives and high-ranking national and international politicians, to children and the general public. I am also regularly interviewed by the media. Leveraging all of my diverse experiences, I have tailored strategies for effectively and specifically engaging with each of these and other audiences. 

Project Management

Most large projects – whether they’re already established, or evolving through the concept and development phase – involve a substantial amount of project management activities. I pride myself on always meeting deadlines and setting realistic work goals: this is something that I can provide for you and your team as well. In addition, I can help to schedule and organise team meetings, workshops and events, and even meet with project partners to collect information and assist in project development and outcomes.  

Report Writing

With a strong research track record, I can efficiently produce project reports and comprehensive situational analyses. I also have strong capacity in networking. Built from developing connections and working closely with stakeholders on extremely emotive global topics, I bring an exceptionally unique approach to stakeholder engagement and communication. The outputs that I produce are fair, unbiased and comprehensive packages of information that accurately portray even the most complex and difficult landscapes.