Science Communication

My ultimate passion is communicating important and exciting scientific research. I have extensive experience in presenting science to a range of audiences, from children to interdisciplinary researchers and politicians/Councillors, through a range of media, including print, television, radio, public lectures, conference presentations and educational scripts. I can present on my work, or help you to communicate your science by:

  • Writing articles for popular science magazines;
  • Developing and presenting interactive, informative and engaging sessions on sharks for kids;
  • Providing entertaining speaker addresses for conferences, meetings or events on my experiences and learnings through working with sharks and the science of human-shark interaction (shark ‘attacks’);
  • Developing curriculum material;
  • Drafting media releases;
  • Developing TV scripts;
  • Writing newsletters, designing posters and flyers, or developing promotional material that highlights your work.

Please contact me to discuss your science communications needs.