Grant Writing

Grant Writing

I love grant writing and have helped clients to win a wide array of grants – from small private-sector grants to extremely large, multi-million-dollar grants – across a range of disciplines and industry sectors.

Not only can I help you organise, research and write grant applications, but importantly, I will critique your work as an intelligent, non-specialist (which is what reviewers will be in many cases).

I’ll make sure that you haven’t used excessive jargon, that your writing is not too technical (but is technical enough to clearly demonstrate that you are an expert in the field), and that you have appropriately addressed each question and criteria.

I will strategically evaluate your work in terms of compliance, ease of reading and human interest.

"It always seems impossible until it's done"

- Nelson Mandela

I am able to assist with grant writing and development to whatever extent you need.

I can work with you from the very beginning to help you fully conceptualise your concept, research and draft your proposal, compile investigator/applicant information (such as CVs and Statements of Ability, as required) and organise team meetings on your behalf to ensure multi-investigator proposals are truly inclusive and thoroughly developed. Or, I can come in once you have a near-final draft to run compliance checks against scheme rules, ensure that you have written the proposal appropriately for the targeted audience and check to make sure you have answered all questions.

I can also just proofread your final draft to make sure it is polished, reads well and is primed for submission.

Whatever your needs may be, I will bring a creative, proactive and constructive approach to your grant. While I will make suggestions throughout the process, be assured that your proposal will always be completely representative of you (and your team), and your vision.

I am a firm believer in the huge benefits of good old fashioned face-to-face contact. For larger grant applications, I will always offer to meet with you, and any other key players on the application, in person at least once. Based on how you like to work (and where you are located), we can arrange for discussions to be in person, via Skype, over the phone, or through email.

While I work across disciplines and industries and have extensive broad experience in grant writing, I specialise in ARC schemes and rural research and development corporation funding.

Please contact me to discuss your grant writing needs.