It is often very difficult to critique your own work. I can help!

Proofreading is an absolutely essential component of writing.

Nothing hinders credibility, or turns people off reading, more than simple and careless errors throughout a document. Yet, it can be very difficult to proofread your own work when you are so close to it.

Your mind automatically skims over the text, missing small spelling mistakes, or improper word use. Proofreading can also be a cumbersome, monotonous and time-consuming task.

For student theses in particular, the time supervisors spend proofreading could be far more appropriately spent (for example, on critiquing and working with students on the underlying science). Yet, having a document thoroughly proofread means that there will be fewer corrections that come back, saving time (and money) for both students and supervisors.

This is especially relevant to international students, where extensions for lengthy corrections can be extremely costly in terms of both tuition and living expenses. Minimal corrections on theses also increases the chance of awards.

Contact me for a clear, competitive upfront quote that is based on your proofreading needs and review timeframe.

I understand how important your work and your time are and guarantee that your documents will be comprehensively reviewed and returned to you within the agreed timeframe.

Rapid turn-around times can be requested for urgent documents, while longer turn-around times are generally more economical. Rest assured, though, whatever your timeframe may be, you will receive the same comprehensive quality review.

All documents that you send to me for proofreading will be treated confidentially.

I regularly proofread student theses, peer-review manuscripts and books (of all genres) and I specialise in working with non-native English speaking students.

Terms for proofreading student theses: I adhere to the Institute of Professional Editors Australian standards for editing practice and Guidelines for editing research theses.

Please note: I generally only review postgraduate student work. I will only review other student work under exceptional circumstances, where special written permission for the use of professional proofreading services is provided by the lecturer, teacher, course coordinator, or equivalent.

Please contact me to discuss your proofreading needs.