Shark bite fatalities have tripled. Should we be worried?

I’ve been spending lots of time fielding questions about what’s happening with shark bites in Australia lately. Here are some of my thoughts… This also comes with the really important note that while we discuss shark bite statistics as numbers, each of these numbers represents a person. Every single fatality that has occurred this – […]

My Essay on How Being Human Led Me to Better Science Outcomes

“…For a long time, I relied on my research training and use of rigorous scientific knowledge to try to meet my communication objectives, but I didn’t get far. Surprisingly for me, it wasn’t until I allowed myself to fall back on just being a human that I really started to make positive headway in having […]

They’re IN!

Congratulations and good luck to everyone involved with applications submitted in Round 2 of the ARC Linkage Projects 2020 scheme! But an extra nudge of good luck to the investigators who invited me to help develop their proposals. The calibre of these applications was exceptionally high. It’s always so exciting to glimpse the potential of […]

A Rice Industry in Northern Australia?

Hot off the press (and something quite different to my past publications)! Thanks to support from the Cooperative Research Centre for Developing Northern Australia (and partners) and The University of Queensland, I had the privilege of being involved with the situational analysis for developing a rice industry in Northern Australia, and writing up the project […]

Boosting the #IMPACT of your research

Highly meticulous, data-driven scientific studies and social media content seem to fall at complete opposite ends of the information spectrum. Even when the science is really exciting, the peer-review process seems to remove all broad-reaching appeal from the text. Inevitably, Reviewer 2 will suck every last iota of effort to attract wider interest in the […]

The dreaded proofread

Congratulations: you’ve written the last word, and fixed the last edit. You’re so close! But one pesky little thing still stands between you and submission: the dreaded proofread. Admittedly, proofreading can be tough and perhaps a bit unpleasant. You’ve worked the text to death already and are honestly well-and-truly over it. Also, it’s too easy […]